As summer slowly fades, beaches empty and offices fill up, CIOs are gearing up to face the challenges of back-to-school. Beyond the usual back-to-school joys (dealing with the backlog of mail…), there are a number of specific challenges ahead

Adapting to new hybrid practices, again
The pandemic turned our working habits upside down. While many thought the situation had stabilized, the reality is that employees’ and managers’ expectations continue to evolve. Has the quality of the tools kept pace? The example of Zoom, which is asking its employees to telework less, is very telling. Between a rock and a hard place, CIOs must continue to adapt, while guaranteeing the security and efficiency of their information systems

The new challenges of cybersecurity
Computer attacks continue to increase in number (a little) and sophistication (a lot). Hackers are deploying ever more sophisticated strategies to penetrate information systems. This must be set against the backdrop of rapidly evolving tools that are losing their users

The icing on the cake: cyber insurance premiums, which are likely to rise further in the coming months

Accelerating AI integration… and sorting through the new AIs announced
This is perhaps THE most important challenge of the autumn: the integration of AI into core systems (primarily the Microsoft environment). But above all: how do you sort through the flood of new tools announced for the coming months?

AI onslaught (bis): Should BYOD rules be reviewed?

Employees can now download AI-type apps onto their smartphones or use AIs on their personal computers… With the temptation to feed the AI with the company’s internal docs. Does your corporate IT charter foresee this situation? (*BYOD: Bring your own device / Utilisez vos propres outils)

Remaining agile despite this context
Of course, CIOs need to be able to adapt quickly to change, while maintaining a secure environment. Did you say contradictory injunction?

Aware of all these challenges, our team of digital lawyers is at your disposal to work with you on practical solutions