We want to respond to the main thoughts that clients give to lawyers:

  • Make budgets predictable
  • Avoid legalese, so speak clearly
  • Reduce the distance, therefore be reachable
  • Limit the tunnel effect in the mission, therefore inform you regularly and set milestones

6 commitments arise from the desire to respond to these challenges.

Commitment n°1

Predictable budgets.

  • The 1st appointment is always free

  • We do not charge anything without a fee agreement signed by you.
  • Whenever we can, we offer tariff packages.
  • We give you an overview of our prices on our website, without filling out a form (see here).
  • New: discover Lawyer on Demand, our subscription service to make your life even easier.

Commitment n°2

Speak clearly

Technical professions are often criticized for using obscure terminology. We want to keep it simple and speak as clearly as possible.

We adapt ourselves to your situation, whether you are an IT specialist, a user company, or a lawyer.

Being able to explain what an algorithm is, or the importance of a report in a software development process, or the impact of a new law on the functioning of a contract, is part of our job.

When drafting a contract, it allows us to be more precise, to better protect. And during a litigation, it allows for example to be better understood by the judges, which allows to better emphasize your arguments.

Commitment n°3

Be reachable and use modern tools

  • Our clients have access to our direct phone lines and emails.

  • Video conferencing allows us to be closer to you.
  • Do you use online tools like trello? We like to adapt to your tools and processes.
  • Our vision of innovation: we favour incremental innovation, i.e. continuous improvement, listening to our customers, at all times.

Commitment n°4

Regular information and milestones for better time management

Time issues are strategic and therefore essential. To limit the tunnel effect in our missions, we set milestones and keep you updated on the mission’s progress. If you have an emergency, including hour-to-hour, we systematically look for an appropriate solution.

Commitment n°5

A quality process that adapts to your challenges

We have adopted an agile quality process:

  • Principle of duo intervention on files,
  • Management of files on a centralized and secure tool,
  • Peer review of all outgoing documents (mission agreement, contract, conclusion etc.),
  • Rapid response,
  • Continuous information throughout the mission,
  • Signing of a mission agreement providing for the financial conditions of our intervention,
  • Subscription of a professional liability insurance,
  • Customer satisfaction surveys twice a year.

Our quality vision: « Good enough is the new perfect ».

Commitment n°6

To defend you completely

We have chosen to focus solely on digital and communication law, to advise and defend you fully.

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