Money, like time, is a scarce and strategicresource . Our work has a cost. For lawyers, this cost takes the name of fees, for historical and ethical reasons. Listening to our clients, we have identified your essential need for predictability and therefore cost transparency.

Clear and accurate budgets to provide you with predictability.

  • The 1st appointment is always free of charge
  • We do not charge anything without a fee agreement signed by you.

  • We give you an overview of our prices online without filling out a form (see below).
  • And we offer a subscription service.
  • Whenever we can, we offer tariff packages.

Examples of mission prices :


  • Revision of a software distribution contract for an IT provider: 1800 €.

  • Review of software license contract: 2500 €.
  • SWOT audit conflict integrator-client company: 4500 €
  • Drafting of terms and conditions for a video platform: 4500 €.
  • Drafting of distribution contract and transfer of intellectual property: 4000 €.
  • Legaltech compliance audit: €5500
  • Intellectual property audit for IT provider before fund raising: 6500 €.
  • Development contract for a complex IT solution: 7500 €.


  • Formal notice of copyright infringement: 3500 to 5500 €.

  • Drafting of software integration contract + with assistance in negotiation: 6500 €.
  • Subpoena, submissions and pleadings for copyright infringement: 8.500€ HT + 20% of received amounts
  • Summons, conclusions and pleading in summary proceedings to obtain the delivery of the source codes of a software developed for a company: 6.000€.

New: Lawyer on Demand, our subscription offer.

To give you even more flexibility, we now offer a subscription service.

  • Simplicity: you sign the fee agreement once, and then you activate it on demand.
  • Transparency: For each intervention, we give you an overview of the time to be time to spend, you validate or not.
  • Flexibility: no fixed fee. Only the time actually spent is charged.
  • Types of needs: a second opinion on a file, the study of a precise point an oral consultation…

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