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Nouveau Monde Avocats strives to offer its clients a fluid relationship, and to provide concrete solutions adapted to the challenges of a more technological and changing world.

You, You and You

You are a digital service provider or a user of digital solutions. Digital issues are a central issue for you, because your business model or your information system depend directly on it. You need specialized legal support on these issues. Nouveau Monde Avocats was founded by Bernard Lamon, a lawyer specializing in digital law, and we only do digital law, to the fullest. You also need to face the challenges of the new world: time, money, new legal rules of a field in constant evolution. Nouveau Monde Avocats wants to bring you concrete solutions: a pragmatic vision of the law, and a fluid relationship with you, the client.

Bring you concrete solutions

Law is composed of written rules, court decisions (case law), and industry practices (industry customs).

In a constantly evolving digital world, court decisions are chasing new rules, which are chasing new technological innovations.

In this context, our vision is to help you move forward:

  • By measuring the risks in proportion to your stakes rather than systematically aiming for zero risk (« risk management » versus « zero risk » vision),
  • By proposing concrete, operational solutions rather than theoretical, unfeasible solutions,
  • By favouring decisional schemes rather than long consultations,
  • By presenting you with solutions that are open to you rather than simply listing rules and constraints,
  • By committing ourselves to your side with clear advice, rather than providing you with an undifferentiated list of solutions.

A fluid relationship

  • We adapt to your challenges
  • We communicate in a simple and clear way
  • We take into account your time issues
  • We establish precise budgets with a view to visibility
  • We use modern methods and tools
  • We have a continuous improvement approach

We adapt to your business and your needs

You are an IT development company? We present you the legal issues in a clear way.

Are you a corporate user? We know your specific needs, and we know how to negotiate with IT companies.

Are you a lawyer? We know how to present IT issues clearly, such as simply defining what an algorithm is.

On a daily basis, our clients are CIOs, CFOs, CEOs, founders, lawyers, etc. To be completed: And in sub-tems: You are a CIO, boss, CFO.


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