{ IT only, IT Completely }

IT ONLY: By choice of efficiency, we intervene exclusively in digital law: IT, software, innovation, RGPD, IT contracts..

IT COMPLETELY: we are at your side at all stages of your project: advice, drafting, negotiation, litigation. And we intervene for all companies, whether you are a service provider or a company using digital technology.

IT ONLY : We work exclusively in digital law.

Digital law is constantly evolving. We have therefore chosen to focus exclusively on this area. (Main areas of intervention to be reworked)

  • RGPD, Contracts
  • Internet law
  • Computer security law
  • Privacy law
  • Data
  • Collaboration between economic actors

IT COMPLETELY: A full, combative and pugnacious commitment

In your negotiations and litigation we bring you our reactivity, our fighting spirit and our pugnacity.

We like to get into the arena, adapting our strategy to your issues.

We are transparent about our methods and the assumptions for success, to inform your strategic choices.

At your side at every step of your project.

We accompany you throughout your project with advice, drafting, negotiation and litigation. These 4 main steps feed each other. For example, a good understanding of your strategic environment allows us to better support your negotiations, pleading before judges allows us to better define contracts, and knowing the reality of negotiations or litigation allows us to better inform you from the consulting phase.


Strategic thinking, legal orientation, search for concrete solutions, training


Drafting of your contracts, proofreading, rewriting and updating.


Negotiation of business deals. Assistance in closing contracts, in French or in English.


Defense before the courts, Infringement seizure.

360° support

We support user companies in all sectors our clients are all very different, but they all have one thing in common: an IT problem. They are retail, industry, food industry, insurance, medical, funeral monuments, agriculture, space, luxury, music, life sciences, construction… We support digital producer companies : service providers, software and online solutions editors, hosting companies, web agencies.. Focused exclusively on IT issues, we work in partnership with your other advisors (corporate lawyer, accountant…).