{ Who are our customers and partners }

Our clients are small and medium-sized companies with a technological issue, either as a publisher or service provider, or as a user.

Fully at your service, we take into account your environment and your partners, for example your accountant, fellow lawyers. To this end, we have developed a cooperation charter.

Our clients are companies that create or use digital solutions.

Our clients are all very different but have one thing in common: an IT problem. Companies using digital technology: retail, industry, food industry, insurance, medical, life sciences, funeral monuments, agriculture, space, luxury… Companies that create digital solutions: service providers, editors, hosting companies, web agencies, cybersecurity,

We adapt ourselves to your business

Our usual contacts are CIOs, CFOs, legal directors, CEOs or founders. We adapt ourselves to your business and your needs.

For example: if you are a lawyer, we explain IT issues clearly, and if you are a developer, we present the legal issues without legalese. And we know the technical needs and challenges of both user and creator companies, which allows us to quickly focus on your expectations.

A collaboration charter with our clients’ partners

We have established a collaboration charter with our clients’ other advisors, such as accountants or lawyers

We can therefore, if you wish, work with your advisors, keep them informed throughout the case, and we are available to exchange with them.

Examples of cooperation situations: valuation of your intangible assets during a company transfer or a fund raising, legaltech compliance audit…