The Digital Services Act (DSA) is European Union legislation designed to regulate online content and combat the spread of illegal content. The DSA introduces new obligations for platforms, notably in terms of content moderation and transparency. The aim here is not to draw up a complete picture of the DSA’s obligations, but to draw attention to 3 sensitive points that should not be overlooked.

45 million users: the threshold for very large platforms… which can mislead you.

Having 45 million active users classifies you as a very large platform according to the DSA. There’s been a lot of hype about this threshold and the notion of a very large platform. But we mustn’t forget that the DSA aims to eventually apply to all platforms, which will therefore have additional design and organization obligations.

february 17, 2024: the pivotal date for all platforms

February 17 marks this decisive turning point. From this date onwards, the DSA is no longer just a matter for tech giants, but concerns a much wider range of digital players.

6% fine: a significant financial warning

The DSA introduces severe financial penalties for non-compliance. Platforms can be fined up to 6% of their annual sales.

What is your compliance strategy?

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