Agility, a double-edged sword

In the IT development sector, agility has become the norm. Agile contracts, based on collaboration, iteration and continuous improvement, offer unrivalled flexibility. However, this flexibility can sometimes turn into a challenge

The benefits of agility

The agile approach is particularly beneficial when the project is not fully defined from the outset. It allows the customer to make modifications as development progresses, ensuring better adaptation to changing needs

Potential risks

  1. Escalation of iterations: One of the main risks is the potential increase in the number of iterations, which can lead to additional costs for the customer and management challenges for the provider.
  2. Resource management: For the provider, a multiplication of iterations can complicate human resource management and planning for future projects.
  3. Team frustration: Developers may feel discouraged if the project seems to be stagnating.

The solution: Forecasting for better management

The key to avoiding these pitfalls is to include a forecast of the number of iterations in the contract from the outset. This provides greater visibility for all parties, and facilitates negotiations in the event of differences of opinion

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