A company or an administration can have a specific software developed for its own needs, as opposed to a software package (a « software product ») which is a software developed by a publisher to be distributed to many copies.

This type of software can be developed according to two main methods: the waterfall or the agile method.

In all cases, the questions to be solved at the time of the drafting of the contract and in the event of litigation are the same: who will be the owner of the developed software, how to fix the price, how to work well together..

The 2023 update of the book « Les clés du droit des logiciels », whose author is Bernard LAMON, offers a new chapter on software development.

You will find in particular:

  • The interest of specific software: is it really necessary to develop specific software?
  • Presentation of the two development methods: V cycle (waterfall) and agile method.
  • The essential clauses of the software development contract.

Finally, you will also find a new contract model for software development in agile mode.

The book « Les clés du droit des logiciels » is intended for two main types of audiences. First of all, this book is for lawyers. All lawyers: lawyers, in-house lawyers, lawyers in accounting firms..

Secondly, and equally, this book will interest IT service providers: software publishers, project managers, hosting companies, big data operators, etc.

For lawyers, software is mysterious. For computer scientists, the law is mysterious.

The challenge is to make these two technical worlds talk to each other while making them accessible, in order to protect, enhance and exploit software.

With practical advice, infographics, checklists and commented contract models.

Only available in french at the moment.

The book can be ordered directly here.