Here are some concrete examples that will give you an idea of how we can help you. You will discover how the firm has acted to protect the interests of its clients in a variety of situations. The purpose of this overview is to give you a concrete understanding of the know-how and expertise of Nouveau Monde Avocats, who our clients are, and in what situations we act.

We assisted an IT service provider (editor, maintainer, outsourcer) in drafting its entire contractual package (6 contracts in total) (turnover > 10M€/year)

We assisted an IT consulting firm in updating its contractual package and adapting it to the demands of a major client (turnover > 7M€/year)

We helped an industrial company to conclude two contracts (one with the editor, one with the integrator) to organize the integration of an intra-group financial management software. Value of the whole > 10M€ over 5 years.

We helped an industrial company to outsource all its IT to a hosting company. Contract value: €25M/5 years, client’s turnover > €7 billion/year.

We helped a manufacturer to remove denigrating content on the internet and social networks. Customer’s turnover > 2,5 Billion €/year

We helped a retail clothing group to respond to a formal notice from the CNIL and to comply with the RGPD. Client’s turnover : 400 M€/year.

We helped a retail group to comply with the RGPD. Client’s turnover: 100M€/year.

We helped an IT service provider to draft its software license and hosting contracts in partnership with a hosting company. Value managed by the contracts > 50M€.

We assist a leader in the circular economy in a trademark infringement case for the importation of branded products. Client’s turnover > 40 M€/year.

We are assisting a distributor of professional telephony following the reorganization of the network of its operator partner. Turnover involved > 500K/year.

We secured and negotiated an intellectual property transfer operation in the context of a company transfer (global value of the operation: 340M€).