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A team of expert lawyers at your service

Bernard Lamon

Bernard LAMON

Founder, Lawyer specialised in IT law, Internet and innovation

55,000 KM / year in high-speed trains (TGV)

27 TV, radio, print interviews

2870 tweets

The four stages of innovation acceptance: this is worthless nonsense; this is an interesting, but perverse, point of view; this is true, but quite unimportant; I always said so.

My job

Every day I like to share my knowledge. I negotiate contracts, fight for my customers in court, train people and give conferences. I am co-author of the Haeri’s report of the lawyers future.

and also…

Since my job is not my only life: running, reading American detective novels in English.

Laetitia Le Métayer



28,800 minutes in hearings

480 hours of legal monitoring

1,872 sushis swallowed

Aim for the moon, because even if you miss it, you may hit the stars. Oscar WILDE

My job

Every day, I am a Data Protection Officer, I’ve developed expertise in operating leases. I can help you in handling I.T. disputes and drawing up Intellectual Property diagnoses.

and also…

Since my job is not my only life, I devour all Harlan Coben’s mystery novels… and I do love eating cheese with a glass of red wine.

Aurélie Bourgault


IP/IT Legal Advisor

612 legal documents sent

22,000 litres of coffee sipped

53 brand co-existence agreements negotiated

Possible things are done, impossible ones are pending, please be patient for miracles…

My job

Every day, I analyse, write, file and negotiate all sorts of amicable or contentious requests about brands and I devise e-reputation strategies.

and also…

Since my job is not my only life, I fall for Burton and Tarentino films, I take care of my knowledge in Mangas… and I rush around shoe shops.




226 presentation slides created

23 letters of formal notice sent

65 km walked on stilts

You should never let your fears prevent you from doing what you know is right
Aung San Suu Kyi

My job

Every day, I draw up analysis regarding the strategies of protection and exploitation of your integible assets. I support you in drafting complex IT contracts.

and also…

Since my job is not my only life, I love to read Yasmina Khadra’s books and I escape by attending circus, theatre and dance shows.




135 written contracts

55 patents analyzed

3 chocolate mousse / week

They did not know it was impossible so they did it.

My job

Every day, I am a lawyer and a patent engineer. I secure your intellectual property rights and assist you in your computer and commercial litigation.

and also…

Since my job is not my only life, I share my free time between sports, scriptwriting, comics, chess and Go games.

Anne-Hélène Hamonic

Anne-Hélène HAMONIC

Office manager

224 days spent to feed Sushi 2.0, our office goldfish

15,000 e-mails sent

74 articles for the blog

Mieux vaut penser le changement que changer le pansement.
French pun meaning “Better thinking out future changes than just changing the sticking plaster”. FRANCIS BLANCHE

My job

Every day, I am a kind of Swiss army knife for the company. I juggle with communication, I.T., administration, strategy, quality and many other tasks. Routine does not mean anything to me!

and also…

Since my job is not my only life: I’m a Web addict, I take pictures and I love water sports.

Will we have the pleasure of  working together?